ARRIQCP Quality Control Player for DCPs
ARRIQCP Quality Control Player for Digital Cinema Packages

The ARRIQCP (ARRI Quality Control Player) is a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) QC-Server designed for use in Digital Cinema content production workflows and offers quality assurance as well as analysis of the Digital Cinema mastering process. It is designed for facilities creating Digital Cinema content and will bring security to the compliance of DCPs.

Besides playback functionality, the ARRIQCP performs an overall check of encoding, packaging and DCP validation, on top of file-integrity checks and content-analysing tasks.

The ARRIQCP is a DCP QC-Player application for the evaluation of DCPs and, through a cooperation with CineCert LLC and MikroM, makes use of the most precise specifications and standards possible.

Main Features

  • Play compositions and/or single track files with precise transport control
  • Remote control via TCP/IP and RS-422
  • Test JPEG Interop and SMPTE DCP + KDM for standards compliance
  • View detailed DCP metadata
  • Edit CPL Entry Point, duration values and CPL markers
  • Unencrypted HD-SDI/DVI-D interface with visible/invisible watermark for convenient machine room monitoring
  • Immediate playback without ingest for "emergency screening"
  • Capture and export timeline locators with reviewer notes
  • Job Management for long-running analysis tasks