ARRISCAN Film Scanner
ARRISCAN – Pushing Film into the Digital World
ARRI has combined cutting edge technology with a new scanning philosophy emphasizing quality, efficiency and reliability to create the ARRISCAN motion picture film scanner.

The ARRISCAN enables digital laboratories and postproduction houses to drastically increase their productivity and experience a new standard of quality in film scanning.

Due to its innovative design, the ARRISCAN is suitable for almost any scanning application, including Digital Intermediate, visual effects, restoration work and archiving.

ARRI's vision is to leverage the technical expertise, experience and logistics infrastructure of the worldwide ARRI team to bring unparalleled products and services to the digital film marketplace.

Matching Innovation to Markets

ARRI understands the postproduction process and offers an attractive business model that opens up new vistas for many clients.

The ARRISCAN is a workhorse that can handle short-form projects, long-form documentaries and feature films, digital dailies and archiving work. The applications are numerous, ensuring a short return-on-investment cycle.

Flexible Customization

The parameters of any given application can easily be set and defined with the ARRISCAN software. Whether a client wants to have maximum quality scans for visual effects shots or just needs a quick preview of the film roll, the parameters are all controllable and adjustable, depending on the application.

The level of user adaptability and flexibility of the ARRISCAN is unequalled in the market.

Efficiency & Productivity

The ARRISCAN enhances postproduction workflows by reading keycode, importing edit decision lists (EDLs), managing jobs efficiently and utilizing easy-to-use Linux-based software. The integrated touchscreen display allows for rapid film loading and minimal set up time. With a competitive scanning speed the ARRISCAN reduces costs per frame dramatically and has become the preferred choice for digital dailies applications.

Certify for Quality!

ARRI has initiated a Partner Certification Program in support of the constant growth of the DI market and the continued increase of possible infrastructure combinations. The program identifies industry partners whose products link closely with the ARRISCAN, ARRICUBE and ARRILASER.

Such partners include suppliers of any hardware or software tools that are compatible with ARRI file formats and systems. A complete list of these partners can be requested from the ARRI DI sales department.

Solid ARRI Engineering & Worldwide Support

Crucial to a stable and efficient workflow is a solid and robust system. ARRI’s world renowned tradition of producing reliable and durable equipment is evident in every element of the ARRISCAN, from the CMOS sensor to the film transport mechanism.

A well established, worldwide ARRI sales and service structure is in place to provide customers with dependable support and absolute peace of mind.