"Digital Intermediate" (DI) has become the buzz word in the motion picture postproduction industry. The sophisticated task of the DI process is to combine the known advantages of film as the preferred medium for acquisition, archiving, distribution and projection, with the digital postproduction process.

If you like to get more insides in the DI process, please read our Companion to Digital Intermediate.

In support of the DI and feature film effects industries - ARRI will proudly extend itís digital systems product line with the introduction of the ARRISCAN film scanner. In conjunction with the ARRILASER film recorder this establishes an effective and productive combination for a seamless workflow. ARRI has combined innovative technologies into a brand new and unparalleled concept for film scanning. ARRI research and development has focused on the key values of quality, efficiency, stability, and reliability, to ensure that clients will be supported with the world class products and services they know and expect from ARRI.

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2008 04 - ARRI Industry Partner Certification for ARRI DI Systems - word file

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